my name is rei.

graphic designer, mixed media animator, digital artist, creative writer, and coffee drinker.
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forth wanderer's song visualizer

inspired by the alternative rock song “blondes have more fun” by forth wanderers, this mixed media animation combines both digital and hand-crafted mediums to create a short, fast-paced visualizer for the song itself.

perfect style typography

this 3D-rendered image is a graphic element for a music video titled “perfect style,” illustrating vivid colors that mimic the song’s winsome vocals and upbeat melody.

unbearably kenny magazine spread concept

this magazine article spread follows a playful and imaginative composition while showcasing medicom toy's BEARBRICK kenny scharf collectible figurine.

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hi, i'm rei.

i’m a graphic design student and mixed media artist based in california. my love for creation began at a very young age, when i first started using art as a way to express myself. i have experimented with a variety of art forms, including 3D and mixed media animation, graphic design, and digital art. my creative works reflect three core values that i strongly believe in: expressing my identity, encouraging others to be creative, and pushing the boundaries of artistic innovation.

blondes have more fun song visualizer.

forth wanderers’ “Blondes Have More Fun” touches upon the themes of self-scrutiny and unstable relationships. With Ava Trilling’s emotion-laden lyrics and the band’s strong rock melodies, I sought to create a colorful and imaginative animation that defied the feelings of self-doubt that I have harbored since childhood. The project is, at its core, an innovative display of my personal interests, merging individual images and videos into a single twenty-second composition. Most frames were printed out and decorated with hand drawn shapes and stickers. These frames were later inserted into an editing software and modified with digital graphics. The result of my efforts is an energetic and spontaneous mixed-media animation that mimics the song’s intense music and passionate lyrics.

perfect style typography.

“Perfect Style” is a chirpy Jersey song released by user-177606669 on Soundcloud. The song is essentially repetitive lyrics combined with mirthful sound effects, and these attributes are what inspired this creation. The 3D render of typography aims to mirror the song’s jaunty and convivial qualities. Modeled and edited in Blender, the lettering is shapeless yet consistent, with the letters swirling into each other while still being legible. I decided to model the 3D text with a bright blue background that contrasts its pink hues, which works in alignment with the song’s energetic and lively music video.

BEARBRICK is a trademark of designer collectibles under the Japanese company MediCom Toy Incorporated. The brand’s Series 44 Artist Collection features a collectible for Kenny Scharf, a contemporary artist known for his psychedelic, blobby artworks. This magazine spread concept aims to inform about and illustrate Scharf’s many-hued collectible toy through a colorful and bold visual composition. In addition, the spread concept integrates a preview of Scharf’s BLOBORAMA (2015), which is the artwork featured on the collectible toy itself. The magazine spread using colorful text and curvy shapes to pull readers in and give them insight about BEARBRICK’s vivid Kenny Scharf figurine.

unbearably kenny magazine spread concept.